Fishing Joy: A Dive into the Arcade Sensation

Fishing Joy, available as Fishing Joy for iPhone and Fishing Joy HD for iPad, brings the thrill of a wildly popular arcade genre from China, Japan, and various Asian countries to iOS. Set beneath the sea, players assume control of a cannon at the screen's bottom, shooting bullets at schools of fish. Upon contact, the bullets trigger fishing nets to capture the fish. Every bullet expended consumes coins, while each fish caught earns more coins in return. It's an engaging and straightforward premise.

A Quick Start Guide

Basic Controls

This game relies on two fundamental controls: first, you can adjust the cannon's level, where a higher level means a more substantial net and an improved chance of capturing valuable fish. Naturally, larger nets come at a higher coin cost. The second control allows you to determine the bullet's direction by tapping the screen. Note that the net may not open precisely where you tap, introducing an element of unpredictability. Any fish crossing the bullet's path can trigger the net's opening.

You might wonder why a strategy guide is necessary for such a simple game. Fishing Joy falls into the category of games that are easy to learn but challenging to master. Let's dive into the strategies.

Maximizing Expected Gains: It's All About Probability

Fishing Joy offers a unique and beautiful feature—a chance for fish, particularly high-value ones, to escape the net. It's one of the few games where user actions don't produce predetermined outcomes. In many games, a specific action leads to a specific result; not so in Fishing Joy.

It all comes down to probability. Understanding the likelihood of capturing a specific type of fish with a particular net level is the key. Armed with this knowledge, players can choose the right net and target the right school of fish.

For example, let's assume that the probability of a level 4 net catching a 2-coin yellow fish is 50-50. Using this net level costs 4 coins, and shooting at a school of two yellow fish with it results in an expected loss of 2 coins. The break-even point for this combination is shooting at a school of four yellow fish. As a bonus, if you aim for the break-even position where small fish gather with some high-value ones, you can achieve significant gains.

Tackling the Parade

Apply the strategy learned above to a special scenario—the fish parade that occurs between game levels. If the fish on the parade's outskirts provide a positive return for a particular net level, select that cannon and start shooting. The result: a rapid accumulation of coins. If not, withhold your trigger or aim between the outer fish into the parade.

Lasers: A Fisher's Best Friend

The ultimate prize is capturing a hammerhead shark. While you might get lucky with a regular net, it's not a common occurrence. Be patient and keep an eye on your energy bar at the bottom right corner. Once it's fully charged, your cannon becomes a laser gun, capable of eliminating any fish in its path. Utilize this powerful weapon when a shark appears.

In Conclusion

Fishing Joy's appeal lies in quick mental calculations and the art of choosing the right cannon and fish to target. Armed with this strategy and a dash of patience, you're on your way to becoming a successful and prosperous fisherman. And should you find yourself short on resources, in-app coin purchases offer an alternative path to success. Happy fishing!